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Februar 2010

Handcrafted, high-quality audio cable soon available !

Cinch Kabel

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January 2010

2 channel high end digital output stage with integrated switching power supply from now on available !

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Boosters and their advantages in the High End Audio tuning

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Updated 25.04.2010

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Digital Audio Amplifiers from Koch Elektronik

To our fields of applications belong the development, production and distribution of digital audio equipment. We deliver digital audio output stages in the whole power range, in accordance with the customer wishes, there are available single components for the do-it-yourself area as well as ready manufactured devices.

Top sound, high power-reserves and an outstanding quality are for us as a matter of course. We have made it to our job to produce top products for reasonable prices.

We would be very glad about your demand.

New: high end digital stereo output stage from now on available !

Digital Audio Endstufe

Audiophile soundquality !

High-performance and compactly !

Handcrafted in Germany !

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  • Main power range: 90 - 260 Volt AC / 50-60 Hz
  • Power supply: low noise resonant converter with aktive PFC
  • Built-in line filter with overvoltage protection
  • Output power: 2 x 600 watt peak power at 4 ohm
  • Inputs: balanced and unbalanced
  • Volume control: digital volume control with start_up increase-function
  • Programmable preamplifier gain
  • Programmable over and undervoltage controll and speaker protection
  • Programmable fan regulation, thermal management and monitoring
  • Relay outputs, switchable above the frontpanel
  • LED's for clipping, fault messages und status signals

  • Dimensions LxWxH: 280 x 140 x 50 mm
  • Weight: ca. 1400 g

As an option, in addition available:

  • Additional high_level_input, switchable over the frontpanel
  • Bridged mode, switchable over the frontpanel
  • Ground_lift_switch, switchable over the frontpanel
  • Attenuation switch, attenuation factors are customized

Optionally in addition suitably available:

  • Front panel pcb, equipped with pushbuttons, LED's and nominal_value_pot
  • Front panel pcb, like above but with two potentiometers and level_meter
  • Backplane pcb, equipped with high-quality relays and cinch_sockets

For more details view our datasheet, in the product area...

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