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Februar 2010

Handcrafted, high-quality audio cable soon available !

Cinch Kabel

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January 2010

2 channel high end digital output stage with integrated switching power supply from now on available !

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Boosters and their advantages in the High End Audio tuning

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Updated 19.02.2010

Booster Technology • and High End Audio

The maybe most effective and at the same time the most inexpensive tuning measure for your HiFi chain, in comparison with the usual tuning or upgrademeasure.

High End tuning and the real problems

The most offered tuning or upgrademeasures are mostly limited into the sale of expensive audio cables, Spikes or some products which rather belongs in the esotericism area. We are of the opinion, that a price of several 100 euros for a loudspeaker cable, in no incommensurate realation stands with the actual produced sound advantage.

Well, against spikes and very good, but in terms of price not overcharged audiocables, we have basically no objections. On the contrary, they are absolutely sound-supporting. But at last they do not solve the real problems of many HiFi chains, and this are almost too weakly dimensioned output stages, that often against the complicated load of a loudspeaker, in certain situations, have not sufficient power. And exactly this problem can be resolved into a very elegant manner a digital output stage, that is used as an additional booster-amplifier. The most important advantage in this solution is that the existing arrangement is preserved completely. Our output stages disposes of a high level entrance, into the loudspeaker exit of the existing amlifier is connected. The advantage of this high level entrance is the fact that the existing output stage only a 47 ohms induction free load resistance must drive. That means that the loudspeaker output must only drive a load that is about 10-fold lesser, and must not argue any more with complicated load relations like impedance holes, counterinduction-tensions and phase-displacements. Their existing output stage works for the first time really cleanly and sounds optimal.

Huge achievement reserves and her advantages

Of course must a additional output stage also fight with the same loads, nevertheless, the difference consists in the fact that digital output stages are very powerful and sound-neutral and dispose of excellent achievement reserves. In this way are killed two birds with one stone. Our digital output stage can perform impulse point achievements up to 1 kW per channel and can drive low impedances and/or high capacitive loads easily. Negative results on account of the high achievement are not to be expected, because the booster amplifies the supplied signal simply 1:1. The amplification-relations of the booster can be set in five stepps, by an internal switch, in accordance of the needs. The adaptation of the amplification-relations reaches from 1:0,5 up to 1:4. Other amplification-relations are available on inquiry. The booster also owns a low level entrance which can be connected directly to the out of a preamplifier. The booster also disposes of all security and supervision facilities for the protection of the connected loudspeakers.

Security Aspects...

Now many will ask themselves whether it makes sense, or it exists a danger for the connected loudspeakers, to insert an output stage with such a huge power achievement in a system with maybe relatively small loudspeakers. The answer is quite easy: even small loudspeaker systems profit terrifically from the high damping factor and the available achievement reserves. Countless hearing tests with different amplifiers and loudspeaker confirm this.

Absolutely one will also put himself the question how dangerous a short-term strain can be for the connected loudspeakers. Against the generally widespread opinion that the achievement of an output stage may not be higher than those of the connected loudspeaker, the probability to destroy a loudspeaker with a too small dimensioned output stage is substantially higher than its turned around. Cause for the destruction of a loudspeaker with a too small dimensioned output stage is simlpy the overdrive of this stage, better famously as clipping effect. Besides, the loudspeaker hangs temporarily directly on the supply voltage of the amplifier. Loudspeakers react to DC voltage extremely sensitively, besides you should think, the fact that even a DC voltage far lies below the nominal achievement of the loudspeaker, can cause damages who are fatal and irreversible. Against it, moust loudspeakers stand short-term high level peaks without difficulty. One can read up a very interesting article on this subject on the homepage of the company "Orbid of sound".

Sorry, but this article is only in German available.

Orbid sound is an excellent loudspeaker manufacturer with an excellent price achievement relation, to his produkt array belong as well self-assembly kits as well as ready products.

And here still the link to Orbid sound...

The booster and his advantages

Because the most customers are actually contented with her arrangement, they dont need to buy a bigger amplifier only because they would like to purchase higher high-performance loudspeakers. The booster takes on account of his low dimensions only very little place, and improves most systems in virtually dramatic manner and also does't cost more than a expensive noble audiocable. The booster is also suited optimally for tube amplifier them often about low achievement, and conditioned by the design and their output-transducer, a also relatively modest damping factor have. On account of these relations tube amplifiers depends on loudspeaker with high efficiency and uncritical impedance courses, what limits the choice of the loudspeaker quite strongly. By constitute of our boosters this disadvantage can be practically eliminated, at this way you can choice the loudspeaker only by your soundpreferences and can ignore the consideration for their amplifier suitability.

Testing without risk of a bad investment !

Sorry, but this service can be offered only for Germany !

For Those their are not yet persuaded of the advantage of our boosters and at last, and to minimise the risk of a bad investment, we have also ready for you, test devices. These can be requested from us against a guarantee deposit. The only costs that originates to you are the postage costs for the return. Because the number of pieces of this test devices is limited, on account of a frequent inquiry, it eventually comes to delivering delays or latencies. For other questions or information you can contact use by email.

We would be very glad about your demand.

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