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Februar 2010

Handcrafted, high-quality audio cable soon available !

Cinch Kabel

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January 2010

2 channel high end digital output stage with integrated switching power supply from now on available !

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Boosters and their advantages in the High End Audio tuning

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Updated 19.02.2010

Class - D • Technology

The advantages of our digital audio output stages are based on a discreetly built up Hysterese PWM-PDM modulator. The used procedure connects the high efficiency of digital output stages with the Audiophile sound quality of high end Class-AB amplifiers.

After long deliberating we have decided to not use short-lived special chips in our output stages. By the application of conventional device elements is guaranteed on the one hand this components after years still are available, and on the other hand we are independent of the success or failure off some special chip manufacturer.

Another advantage of the discreet construction method lies to carry out changes at places relevant for an optimal sound. For example, output stages that are used in the High End area, can be equipped, on request and an for an additional charge, with higher-quality components like op-amp's or couple capacitors.

What concerns the sound quality, we would also like to clear up with the prejudice that digital output stages are sound-technically not so completely at the height, and if generally, were applicable only in the bass area. Besides, is to be considered that digital output stages are to be found meanwhile in many HiFi applications and even in the High-End area.

Fact is that our digital output stages show an excellent resolution and reproduction precision in the middle and high tone area, the bass area shines with high performance reserves and load stability, even with high capacitive loads. The output stages are perfectly suited for heavy loudspeakers with high performance needs and with problematic impedance course. The only disadvantage of modern digital output stages is a little lower damping factor in the height area, conditional by the necessary Output Filter. By the high tact frequency of on an average of 600 kHz whe can dimensioned these filter in such a way, so that the lower damping factor in the height area, covered to the advantages of this technology, hardly counts.

Caused by the high efficiency of more than 90 percent we can use substantially smaller power supplys so like this are used in traditional output stages. For the output stage it arise a substantially smaller thermal charge conditioned by the lower loss performance, and this affects at last positively the life span of the output stage.

At last we are able, by using of ingenious circuit technology and the use of high-quality devices, to reach a Signal-to-Noise Ratio up to 120 dB, and Total Harmonic Distortions in the whole performance area of on an average of 0,005 percent. This provides for an incredibly clean, dynamic and exact reproduction. In the hi-fi area our output stages can play troublefree in the first league.

Switching Power Supplys and Audiotechnic

Switching Power Supplys stand for a high efficiency, low dimensions and weight, but they are also infamously for her high development expenses-, complexness and also possible disturbing influence by EMV radiation. Besides, is to be considered, nowadays you find under the bonnet of TV's, DVD or CD-Players almost always a switching power suply, and this also by high-quality high-end machines. Only by audio-amplifiers are, with few exceptions, you still find conventional power-supplys with transformers, and these are not seldom even still unterdimensioned.

The advantage of a switching power supply lies basically in it, to deliver a regulated and therefore stable and clean supply voltage, what affects, in the end, positively to the damping factor and the sound quality of our output stages. The other advantages of the switching power supplys are low dimensions and weights, the latter can understand everybody, that drag once a 20-kilo output stage. Unfortunately, there are onto the market no suitable switching power supplys for the high-performance-audio area, that is fitted especially to our requirements.

mission statement and construction

We have made it to ourselves assignment, to produce high performance, robust high-quality performance output stages for the Hi-Fi and PA area. We deliver complete devices as well as ready mounted and tested single components for the do-it-yourselve area. With our single components, like, for example, with our mini-digital output stage, can you still built up small but highly competitive output stages for the home area, with excellent sound and a good price-performance ratio.

To do justice to the qualitatively high claims of our customer, we pay attention to use in our output stages only high-quality parts in connection with ingeneous circuit technologies. For example, we use exclusively as an industrial standard to being valid ones double-sided interlayer connected printed circuit boards.

Another pillar of our company philosophy consists in it, at sensitive and function Relevant places, as for example the volume control or the change-over points of sensitive audiosignals, to use construction elements that are free of wastage like digital potentiometer and high-quality relays. The application of Digital potentiometers allows a high flexibility by the level adaptation. Whether both canals are regulated separated or together with or without balance regulator, is also programmable. The potentiometers located on the front panels serve merely as an input device for prescribed values and have sound-technically no influence.

Also we would still like to point about the bulky supervision functions which serves the operational safety and the protection of the connected loudspeakers. Further details you can extract from the data-sheets and the product descriptions.

Still one you should think that our digital-output-stages have high reserve capacity and it lies in the own responsibility of the user, not to damage the connected loudspeakers by excessive high level loudness.

Our Company

Koch electronics is a small and ambitious company in the southwest of Germany. Development, construction and production is located in the regional attractive surroundings on the foot of the Swabian Mountains. We are able to do our excellent price-achievement relation only by the application of the most modern developing and manufacturing methods, and not least by the direct distribution way over the Internet.

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